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Privacy Policy

This notice informs you of our policies about data collection, data use, and the disclosure of personal information when using MetaReviewer.

To use the MetaReviewer application, you must provide us with personal identifiable information, including your name and email address. The personal information we collect allows us to communicate with you about any issues or updates regarding MetaReviewer only. These notifications may include MetaReviewer related announcements, responses to support inquiries, changes to our terms and conditions, communications about site outages, updates to your account, and updates to the application.

We may use your personal data to help us improve and update the application over time. We will securely store your account profile information and form responses. We may use these data to monitor the application and inform our understanding of who is using the application and how the application is functioning. We may also use your personal information for internal purposes, such as auditing and analyzing usage trends to improve our services and customer communications.

Coding form templates are supported using Google Drive. To access the templates, the application will redirect you to Google and request permission to connect to your Google Docs, so that you can edit and upload a coding form to set up your project in MetaReviewer. MetaReviewer will have access to the content of your coding form document when you provide the Google Document ID within the application. MetaReviewer will access only this coding form document and none of the other files that you may have stored to your Drive. MetaReviewer will store both the content of your coding form and the Google Doc ID attached to your coding form within the application. This information will only be used to set up your project in MetaReviewer.

We will never share any personal data you provide with anyone outside of our team and we will never use your name or the name of your program in any reports. If you have questions, please email